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Our aim is to provide as many outstanding learning experiences as possible for our youngsters to ensure that they are engaged and inspired by their learning whilst at Abingdon Primary School.

Outstanding Learning –What our children should expect:

We will know when outstanding learning is taking place when we see children:

  • With a thirst and passion for knowledge and skills, recognising their own strengths and with the desire to improve. Are always willing to have a go and know how to persevere – I want to know more.
  • Who have belief and confidence in themselves, able to challenge themselves and others – I know I can, can you?
  • Inspired by others – authors, artists, teachers, other pupils
  • Who are able to relate to their learning (relevant to their age, community, culture and personal interests)- and able to adapt to different learning environments and situations – Our world is amazing.
  • Show very good peer interaction skills across a range of groups, showing mutual respect – We work well together.
  • Understand their own personal, challenging targets and how to get there and may at times exceed them (they receive excellent feedback!) – I’ll get there soon.
  • Make up and deliver their own ideas using skills taught, creative thinkers, limitless imagination – I think that…
  • Who are independent learners, are enthusiastic and active in finding out for themselves and make their own links in learning when an adult is not directly leading them – I know this because…
  • Who ask searching questions without prompting and are open to new ideas – Why?
  • Actively involved in evaluating their own learning and teaching – I did well but I can do this bit better.
  • Able to utilise time and resources effectively
  • Able to teach others, love talking about their learning- Did you know that…?
  • Are making above expected progress

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