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Parent Academy Sessions

Early Words Together

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The Literacy Workshop

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The Maths workshop

The sessions started in October 2015 and lasted for 10 weeks – during this time parents were able to:

  • Find links between maths and everyday life
  • Use concrete mathematical resources in a fun way
  • Use mathematical words
  • Learn mathematical facts
  • Use different methods to check their answers

Parents developed skills such as questioning to support learning, communication including speaking and listening, assertiveness, study skills such as resilience, persistence, reflection and assessment. Parents were introduced to internet resources to support learning, all work was collected in a portfolio allowing parents the freedom of using the materials as and when needed. Parents were able practice everyday classroom learning without limits activities through set challenges. Maths equipment was readily available and where needed was provided to parents to keep and use at home.

The sessions were a ‘Hit’ according to our parents, we have had much more requests for these workshops to be delivered ‘as it is a way of staying on top of our child’s learning and an opportunity for us to learn with them’ (Parent comment).

Upcoming maths event

After the Easter break we will be rolling out a Maths workshop for our Year 5 and 6 parents, with relevant mathematical learning aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils – watch this space.

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