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‘’Where words fail, music speaks.’’- Hans Christian Anderson

Music is a practical subject, linking sounds to provide enjoyment. At Abingdon Primary School, we regard music as a crucial part of every child’s education, since creativity and learning go hand in hand, and without creativity, many skills cannot be sufficiently developed. We are striving to give our children as many different musical opportunities as possible to allow them to experience the joy of music.



  • To give children the opportunity to listen to (live) and experience many different musical instruments;
  • To enable children to participate in musical activities as an individual, group, class and school;
  • To enable children to explore music from different parts of the world, including from their own culture and from different genres;
  • To enable children to experience music in many different contexts through links to other areas of the curriculum;
  • To give children the opportunity to perform individually and with others in front of different audiences;
  • To give children the opportunity to compose music in different styles both individually, and with others;
  • To give children the opportunity to listen to, and appraise various styles of music, including those composed by peers;


Teaching Music

In Reception, we are using the ‘Kodaly’ singing method to develop children’s understanding of areas such as rhythm and pulse, and to further develop their confidence. This is a method we are striving to develop throughout KS1.

In KS2, ‘Charanga’ is used to further develop children’s knowledge in areas such as singing, music appreciation and composing skills.


‘’I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing.’’ –William James


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