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What’s On?

Parent & Child Sessions

Amazing Babies (Birth-6 Months Old)
The sessions will include information on baby development & parental wellbeing. We’ll share some simple ways of how you can support your baby’s learning and early language and communication. We’ll sing songs and rhymes suitable for babies & spend some time reading books.
Thursdays – 9:30-11:00am (5 week block – Booking Required)

Baby Play (Birth to Walking)
A play session to support baby’s development from birth to walking. This baby play session gives babies the opportunity to meet and play in a safe and stimulating environment to develop all the important skills they will need!
Wednesdays – 10:00-11:00am (Booking Required)

Stay & Play (Walking – 5 years old)
Help your child prepare for Nursery by coming along to this session, where you can play with your child in a safe and stimulating environment. 
Tuesdays – 10:00-11:00am (Booking Required)

Messy Play – Messy play is all about learning through experience. It involves using all five senses to explore how things feel, smell and taste, as well as what they look and sound like when we interact with them. This session can also help your child’s gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination and can help refine their fine motor skills by using the muscles in their fingers, wrists, arms, toes and shoulders to make small movements.
Dates and times to be confirmed (Booking Required) Contact for next available date.



Parenting Puzzle Workshops: Especially designed for parents of under 5’s, the 5 week Parenting Puzzle workshops are a great way of finding out how to get the best out of family life, with some helpful tips, ideas and strategies to make sense of being a parent and help you understand why your children do what they do. 
(Booking Required)


School Readiness Pathways

Play and Learn Together: A fun and engaging 6 week programme for parents and children aged 2 years and above to help young children get ready for Nursery. This programme explores the development of early literacy skills and the importance of sharing songs and stories as well as the different ways children learn through explorative play. Children will enjoy a host of experiences, including crafts, games and singing sessions accompanied by a series of gifts for your child to keep. (Invite Only via Health Visitor)

Chat, Play, Read, Sing (CPRS):  Discover the benefits of Chatting, Playing, Reading and Singing with your children to support their learning and development. (Invite Only)

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