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Welcome to Year Five!

Welcome to Year Five!

Welcome to Year Five (2017-2018), we know this is going to be a great year; full of fantastic learning and activities that your children will partake in.


Through the teaching of topic children will cover a wide range of subjects such as: science, geography, Information technology, and history.

Our six topics are:

Autumn 1-Beast creator

Autumn 2- Stargazers

Spring 1- Princes, peasants and pestilence

Spring 2- Alchemy island

Summer 1 – Pharaohs

Summer 2- Scream machine


Year 5 have enjoyed a great start to the autumn 1 term, it has been full of great learning experiences and we have loved every minute! Please click on the gallery to see what wonderful things the children have been up to this half term. Thank you for all your support this half term and we ask that you continue to support your child in autumn 2.

Our next topic will be stargazers. Year 5 will be taking a journey through space, the final frontier… Navigate beyond the Sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system! We will investigate the eight planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (remember, Pluto is no longer classed a planet). Take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits Earth. Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone or is there other life forms out there?



This half term our power of reading text is ‘Cosmic’ written by Frank Bruce Cottrell.

The children will focus on:



Descriptive writing



In Maths this half term we will be covering the following topics:

Week 1 – Geometry

Week 2 – Geometry

Week 3 – Measures: area and perimeter

Week 4 – Number

Week 5 – Fractions

Week 6 – Fractions: including percentages

Week 7 – Number

Week 8 – Revision, Consolidation & Assessment


This half term our power of reading book is ‘The Varmints’. The children will focus on:

Persuasive writing

Non-chronological reports


Year 4 and 5 Grammar and spelling (all year)


The children have P.E. twice a week, so please ensure they have their full P.E. kit – black leggings or shorts, black plimsols or sensible training shoes and a top in the colour of their house team in school all week. Every child in the school will receive a house bag to keep their kit in and leave at school. can we please ask that all children bring in their kit on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. This will avoid children borrowing the school kit and also the office having to call home to ask for kits to be brought in. A full P.E kit list can be found on the school website.


Your child will receive a piece of maths and literacy homework each Friday, they are expected to complete each piece by the following Thursday. This will then be marked and a new piece of work will be set ready for Friday. Children will also bring home a set of new spellings each week that they will need to learn. They will be tested on these spellings each week. We would encourage your child to spend 5-10 minutes a day practising the new words and to also use the words in their work at home and at school and apply them where possible rather than just an isolated practice at home.

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Mansha will be holding a homework club every Monday (17.9.17) for children who may require some extra support. Due to limited numbers, staff will inform the children that need to attend and we ask for parental support to ensure that your child does attend if given a letter. However, if you feel your child needs extra support with homework and has not been asked to attend please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher and discuss further.


In Year 5 we use lots of resources to help with the children’s learning. Some of the webpages that we use, the children can use at home. Below, you will find links to the webpages. Your children should be familiar with these webpages and all have their own logins. If your child can’t remember their login, please ask the class teacher and they can replace it.


Extra information


Please keep an eye on the website to keep up to date on all things “Year 5”

If you have any questions or queries about your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to come in and talk to your child’s teacher.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


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