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Student Council

Meet the Abingdon Primary School Council!

School Council meet weekly to discuss issues affecting the school and pupils. The councillors are set projects to work on, which aim to help improve or add something new to school life or the local community.

School Council will be launching a voice box very soon. This will be a large post box, positioned in the school hall, where children can post problems, suggestions or comments that they would like the School Council to work on. School Council will empty the voice box half termly and choose projects to work on.


Recent Projects

The Foodbank Project

School Councillors made healthy soup and sold it to staff and children at school. Money raised was spent on food and donated to a local food bank.

Pictures will be updated soon!


How Children Are Kept Safe at School

The School Council think it is very important that all children know how to keep safe and how our school keeps them safe. The councillors sent a task to all classes, asking them what they know about keeping safe at school. The ideas were gathered together and School Council and presented to the school in assembly.

Some of the knowledge children have about school safety:

Teachers all have fobs to open doors that lead to outside spaces All visitors are photographed and signed in at the front desk Children are never more than 2 doors away from outside space, in case of a fire alarm Children do not go to close to school fences at playtime


The Change4life project

School council met with other school councils from around Middlesbrough to discuss the Change4life project. The project is all about promoting the 60 minutes recommended exercise, daily. The 60 minutes can be made up of 10 minute exercises and the Change4life website has fun exercises linked to Disney characters to try at school or at home. The School Councils all thought of ways to promote this project in schools and the wider community.

Keep checking back to this page to find out how we decided to promote the event in Abingdon Primary School.


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