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Science & DT

Science and Design Technology


At Abingdon Primary School, science is viewed as an integral and essential component of the whole curriculum.  We believe that science is about developing an understanding of, and making sense of, our environment primarily through experience, exploration, and interaction with scientific phenomena. Through science we encourage pupils to have a sense of wonder, fascination and curiosity about their world, and thus develop a thirst for learning; appreciation for the beauty, order, and precision that is found in creation; the ability to predict, investigate, illustrate, hypothesise, question and interpret, using appropriate scientific vocabulary and to understand scientific methods together with what constitutes a “fair test”.

The purpose of gaining this understanding is to enable pupils to take responsibility for their role in the maintenance of a healthy life and the creation of a safe environment; not only for the benefit of themselves, but also for fellow human beings, animals and plants in our World.
The teaching and learning of science at Abingdon Primary School will be in accordance with: –

  • The educational philosophy and aims of the school
  • The statutory requirements as laid down in the National Curriculum


How do we teach Science?

  • The science curriculum is taught by individual class teachers and takes place in classrooms.
  • Teaching methods include a mixture of experimental learning, problem solving and open-ended investigations.
  • Wherever possible, science-based lessons include opportunities for practical demonstrations and experiments in which pupils learn to work collaboratively and independently.

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Design Technology

DT develops children’s knowledge and skills in food technology, electrical and mechanical products, textiles and 3D construction. Through a creative research, design, making and evaluation process, children learn valuable experiences in creating a range of products, fit for real life purpose.

Children at Abingdon Primary School are given the opportunity to complete a range of DT projects in each school year which link in with science or Cornerstones topics.

Children are also taught the importance of presenting projects with professionalism and share them with parents and with other children across the school.





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