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Eco Schools

Eco Schools

Eco Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world and is designed to encourage a whole-school action on sustainable development and education issues. It is an environmental management tool, a learning resource and a recognised award scheme who tackle issues that are brought to them relating to the school and local environment.

 At Abingdon, everyone works together for us to work and live in a nice environment and the attitude of Abingdon’s Eco Council is no different. The Eco Council children put their heart and soul into all of the activities and projects they do.


This year, we have recruited new Eco Council members with children from Year 1 to Year 6. We meet every Thursday, afterschool, from 3pm – 4pm and discuss important topics about the environment around us.

Our most recent topic for the new year is Healthy Living. The Eco Council started by looking at the current situation of Abingdon’s ability to promote living healthily. Once our review was complete, the children came up with an action plan. As a group, the children came up with these ideas which they have already started to implement:

  • An assembly about Healthy Living
  • Updates on Twitter
  • A newsletter for parents to promote healthy living in school and at home
  • A new display to promote living healthily in the school hall


To check their own success, the children will also be handing out questionnaires to all classes to get their thoughts on health living. In addition, they monitored how many people use the salad bar at school lunch times. In 6 weeks, when our project comes to an end, these activities will be completed again to check and see if they have made an impact on children at Abingdon.


They have also looked at the importance of keeping or teeth and mouths healthy. To promote this, we have helped Breakfast Club children with brushing their teeth every morning after eating. Just look at our new display below.





 Our Eco Display


Last year, the Eco Council children worked very hard to look at as many Eco School’s topics as they could. In the end, they tackled ‘Transport’ and tried to encourage children, parents and staff to walk to school, if possible. They also took part in ‘Switch off Fortnight’ whereby the whole school tried to save as much energy as possible for two weeks. This was as well as looking after the Eco Garden and still taking charge of paper recycling for the entire school.

Waste Week

The last week of the Year we all celebrated ‘Waste Week’ with Abingdon’s very first Trashion Show. It all started with an assembly to explain the task to the rest of the school. Though out the week, each class had to design and make one outfit for Thursday’s Trashion Show. Their outfits had to be made as a class and had to be made out of anything that would be rubbish or get recycled. Some children even made extra accessories such as bags and hats to bring with them to wear. The outfits the children made can be seen on our wonderful display can be seen in person in the conservatory.

   All of our lovely models.

 The winners. Year 4 and Reception.


Click HERE to view our ECO School Code!




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