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Abingdon Tailored Curriculum


“Please be assured that if you are bold and courageous to adapt your curriculum and do exciting things you will get credit for it.”

  Peter Humphries OFSTED senior HMI for West Midlands


At Abingdon Primary School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum. We want our curriculum to be enriched and exciting; a curriculum that engages and develops children’s thinking, offering them opportunities to acquire deep knowledge, skills and understanding. We want our children to be able to make links by applying this deep learning across the curriculum.


Our school has been awarded the NFER Research Mark. All our teaching staff, together with many of our teaching assistants, engage in action research. Our current action research is a whole school initiative. We are working with a company called Challenging Learning over a two-year period to investigate the impact of developing a growth mindset on raising attainment, attitude and outcomes.


Growth mindset complements the ‘Learning Without Limits’ approach to learning which we use to allow our children to challenge themselves and develop their own learning opportunities. We have worked hard to build a learning environment that is inclusive and enabling for every child and we believe that each child’s potential for learning is limitless. Our school motto is ‘Believe in Achieving’ and this is what drives the learning in our classrooms.


Our curriculum follows a thematic approach. Each topic is based around a high quality children’s book and follows the Power of Reading approach. The children are taught through topics and stories that draw on links across all the different subject areas. This gives a strong and meaningful context for the children. Wherever possible, we take the children out for a visit to a place of local interest that supports their learning and helps to develop their understanding of the topic. We also regularly invite visitors into school who can bring the children’s learning about the topic to life.


To find out more about Power of Reading, click HERE to go to our reading page.


We use a collaborative, enquiry based learning approach to the teaching of the foundation subjects. The key to our topic work is inclusive practice with a real purpose for learning. Group work is a regular feature, with groups of children working together to produce their work which is recorded in shared group big books (known as floor books). All children’s work is valued and all children contribute to the work in the floor book. Work is differentiated to match the needs of children, including children with SEND or EAL needs. Opportunities to apply basic skills in Maths and English are utilised during group topic work. High standards of work, including presentation, are expected.


Curriculum Aims

We want our curriculum to:

Be highly motivating and inclusive, meeting the needs of all our children, including those with SEND, EAL, disadvantaged and vulnerable children, enabling each individual to thrive and develop into self-assured, confident individuals.

Be relevant and unique to Abingdon with a clear purpose or audience, focusing on areas that link to our community and country and how they fit into the world and global issues.

Instil in our children the core attributes of Aspiration, Resilience, Commitment and Harmony.

Create a language – rich environment based on themes drawn from high quality children’s literature.

Foster creativity and investigation by using fertile questions and dialogue, allowing time to work in depth, incorporating pupil voice and collaboration.

Enable children to have respect for themselves and high esteem so that they reflect critically and improve their own work.

Be skills based so that children understand their work as historians, scientists, musicians etc


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