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Abingdon Primary School has embraced the new National Computing Curriculum which aims to equip and prepare our pupils for a future in an evolving digital world. We provide a broad computing curriculum making useful links to other curriculum subjects enhancing pupil’s experiences and knowledge.

Abingdon Primary School is constantly striving to improve our ICT curriculum and capacity. The pupils at our school have access to a wide range of hardware and software which are planned for in our mid-term and long term plans. Pupils are encouraged to push their own learning in Computing to reflect the wide range of Computing skill and experience our pupils have. As a school we approach Computing using a bilingual approach. We believe pupils should be equally fluent in using Microsoft and Apple devices. Pupils are encouraged to see the similarities and differences between these and make choices as to which would be most appropriate to use to complete a specific task. 


Pupils at Abingdon Primary School are encouraged at all times to use digital media responsibly, whether this be at school or in the home environment. E-Safety is planned for and taught specifically at an age appropriate level to all pupils in the school and is consistently reinforced whenever digital media is used. Pupils are taught their rights and responsibilities and how to report any concerns or issues they may have whilst using the internet. As a staff we aspire to keep abreast of the latest digital developments which may affect our pupils, especially with regards to social media.

Foundation Stage

Pupils have access to a range of devices such as desktops, laptops and I-Pads to use to begin their exploration of digital media. Pupils are supported in accessing simple programs on computers and operating a variety of electronic equipment.

Key Stage One

Pupils in Key Stage one have access to banks of I-Pads and laptop computers as well as other hardware such as floor bots. Pupils follow the new National Curriculum and use hardware and software to support their learning in other curriculum subjects. Following the new National Curriculum greater emphasis has been put on introducing and developing the pupil’s knowledge and use of algorithms.

Key Stage Two

As with Key Stage One, pupils in Key Stage Two use a wide variety of digital media but have a greater say in which devices would best suit a given task. Pupils develop their knowledge of programming and use of algorithms, being able to identify and debug problems in a given algorithm. Pupils are challenged to spot and rectify problems in their own algorithms in order to take charge of their own learning. Pupils in Key Stage Two also have more say in which programs they use to complete a given task and are encouraged to combine these to achieve a task.

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