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year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Hop on the bus and come and take a trip downtown with year3! Where the lights are blue and every street has a story to tell.


Summer Term 2

Our topic for this term is Urban Pioneers. We will explore the art of town, then capture a moment in time – perhaps a reflection on a building, graffiti’s, land marks such as the Transporter bridge and Dorman museum etc. We will be finding out how things have changed and has time changed town life for the better?



Year 3 children are fantastic mathematicians, reasoners and problem solvers. We will be focusing on measurement and capacity in all aspects of maths.


If you would like to help your child at home, learning multiplication tables, mental methods of calculating and number bonds to 100 is a fantastic place to start. A strong grounding in key skills will help our children to make rapid progress.



In literacy we will be reading The Magic Paintbrush. This is an exciting story of a girl called Shen and a man gives her a magic paintbrush. When the greedy emperor hears about Shen’s magic brush, all he can think about is gold. Shen, however, is determined to paint food for the hungry and clothes for the needy. But how can a little village girl match an emperor’s mighty power?

This text will fit nicely in with our topic and give us opportunities to have class debates, story mapping, diary entries, descriptive writing, narrative shared writing, hot seating, poetry, slogans and creating posters.

We are also working hard to improve our handwriting, spelling and reading. Any extra help with at home would be greatly appreciated.


H.L.V. (Higher Level Vocabulary)




Your child needs to be reading every night and bringing their signed reading journal to school with them each day. They will also be given weekly spellings to learn.

They will be given a homework grid each half term which will match their topic. This grid will give them a variety of activities to choose from such as writing, maths and creative art activities. Children can complete a task from the grid and bring their books back to school once a week.


Extra information

P.E sessions will be held on Tuesday (athletics), however we strongly advise that P.E kits are left in school for the entire half term and taken home to be washed during the half term breaks. They need a full kit which will include suitable footwear to wear for outdoor P.E. T-shirts in house team colours can be purchased from the front office.

The school will be funding P.E bags for every child in the school.



Below you will find links to websites that the children use to enhance their learning at school. These websites can be accessed from home. They are both fun and educational.




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